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Mark Millar, CEO

Think Value, Not Recession

There is a restaurant in Pretoria, which I believe serves the finest breakfast around. When you get the bill, it always comes as somewhat of a surprise that such good quality food can come at such a reasonable price, especially in a time when restaurants are cutting every conceivable corner.

What’s more – this restaurant does not seem to experience the effects of the recession like everyone else in their industry, because at any given time of day they’re packed and bustling.

The thought occurred to me that there is no recession at Bugatti’s because there simply is no recession at Bugatti’s. A recession mindset never took hold of management, and the reward is a customer base that does not subscribe to it either.

This is perhaps one of the single best lessons in a tough economic climate. When everyone is cutting value and you aren’t – who will the customer seek out when he needs to make the most of the much reduced budget he has available? Will it be the corner cutting business, or the guys who set out to supply the best-of-the-best value in the worst-of-the-worst times?

Here’s to excellence in a time that demands nothing less.

Yours in business,
Mark Millar

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