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Towards Greatness

Together Towards Greatness

In 1903, an article appeared in the New York Times…it was written by two physics professors, and explained all the reasons why airplanes could never fly….

This article was published a mere three months before the Wright brothers took to the air at Kitty Hawk.

Whenever I recall this story, I remember once again that there will always be the critics and the skeptics. Those that say no, and those that proclaim defeat at every opportunity.

But most importantly, it also reminds me that there will always be those people, those companies, and those countries that defy the logic by pushing the boundaries of possibility to achieve the truly exceptional.

I believe that what sets these two types of people apart, is the inherent possession of vision.

For vision is the belief in something that has no physical shape, nor promise of success. Often it’s just a gut feel. Abraham Lincoln once said: Determine that the thing can and shall be done, and then we shall find the way.

When vision takes precedence over possibility, it becomes the successes we see today. It becomes the airplanes that connect continents. It becomes a country like Mozambique that has risen above its battle scars to become one of the most sought after countries to invest in today. It becomes a small South African company founded in 1998, that is today celebrating the culmination of a US$63mil investment in Mozambique.

Steven Covey famously said that all things are created twice. Vision is the first creation. It’s the blueprint for your new office building, the legislation that encourages foreign investment…

The second creation is the physical presentation of this vision. It’s the building we are sitting in today, it’s the country that is fast becoming one of Africa’s economic powerhouses.

In so many ways, Mashova and Mozambique share this special bond of vision and growth. Of chasing true excellence and achieving greatness. May we never loose our desire to see the invisible, and sometimes even the impossible, take shape.

On this occasion, I also wish to acknowledge the people who made this dream possible: Eng. Luis Macamo who joined Mashova in 2001, and Mr. Albert Vorster who joined us in 2002. You have been visionaries in your own right.

Today Mashova employs over 100 staff members and has 75 units of plant. I have no doubt that Mashova has done well because it has stood on the shoulders of giants.

Quality is a key value at Mashova. Whatever we do, we do it in such a way to ensure that both our machines and our services are of a superior standard. And therefore, when the time came to build our flagship office building here in Mozambique, quality was once again a key driver.

The building plans were drawn up by one of South Africa’s leading and multi-award-winning architects, Pieter Matthews. The building project was produced by Paulo Ribeiro and his Rushtail Team, delivering an exceptional building with superb quality finishes. This building will be here for many years to come and for all to see – and as the Irish proverb goes, the work praises the man. Well done, guys!

Today, three years from date of CPI approval, we have completed the above plan ahead of schedule, and are already planning our second CPI investment plan with branches in Tete and Central Mozambique. To this end I share the same desire as the great artist Michelangelo, when he said “Lord, grant that I may always desire more than I can accomplish”.

Indeed, it is my great hope that the relationship that we at Mashova have with each of you, and with Mozambique as a country, will continue to prosper. We will never stop pushing forward, and pushing the boundaries to bring the ‘best of the best’ to our customers and to this country with whom we share such a long history.

I conclude with a short story about a boy and his Father. One day, there was a small boy who tried to lift a stone, but simply could not get that stone to move. His father, watching, finally said to him: “Are you sure that you are using all your strength?”. “Yes I am!” replied the boy. “No you’re not” said his Father, “you haven’t asked me to help you”.

May we go forward from this day onwards, sometimes being the son, sometimes being the father, but forever bound together by a common vision of greatness, and the awareness that it is achieved by working together.

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