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Mark Millar

Controlling a Crisis

What constitutes a crisis? In the plant hire industry, a machine breakdown certainly fits the bill. It’s unexpected (assuming your machines are in perfect nick to start off with), it’s costly and it’s potentially damaging to your brand image and customer relationships.

Which is why crisis control starts when everything in your business is running ship shape – when machines have just been serviced, freshly delivered, clients happy and employees motivated.

When the going is good, you have the opportunity to showcase your company to your customers, so that they may learn of its values, integrity and commitment. When the sailing is easy, you have the chance to nurture enduring relationships with your suppliers. When there is time to breathe, there is time for employees to receive additional training, for emergency back-up repair systems to be fine-tuned and for good teamwork habits to be polished.

And then, when adversity strikes in the form of a breakdown, you have a management team that excels in putting an action plan on the table that saves both parties costs and stress. You have the supplier relationships secured to source that spare part at great speed, as well as the logistical procedures and trained mechanics to ensure repairs in a record time.

Most of all though, you will have the most critical component of all in place: a trusting client relationship that facilitates open communication, and above all else, their unshakable trust in your ability to deliver a positive outcome.

Controlling a crisis happens when business simply couldn’t get any better.

Yours in business,
Mark Millar

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