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Mashova to the Rescue

Over the past few months, Mashova has been actively involved in making a difference in the lives of the Topuito villagers. The village, which is situated close to the Kenmare Mine, 3000 km’s north of Johannesburg, was severely impacted after one of the mines’ silt dams burst in late October last year, leaving the village covered in 1.5m of silt.

The Kenmare Emergency Team immediately contacted Mashova to assist with the cleanup. In true Mashova style, our South African and Mozambican Head Offices immediately pushed forward and mobilized the import process of three Bell B25D ADT trucks. Within two weeks the ADT’s were on site and hard at work, reaffirming our commitment to our customers.

The cleanup process and rehabilitation of the silt dam spanned over a period of three months with our ADT’s working 24/7 to successfully rehabilitate the area. As a result of Mashova’s quick response time, the mine successfully reopened after only three weeks of downtime and the villagers lives could return to normal.

To date, Mashova’s ADT’s are still proudly hard at work at the Kenmare Mine assisting with the construction of the new mine pond.

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