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Our Vision

Our Vision

This year marks a momentous milestone for Mashova, as we celebrate 30 years of commitment to our customers. That’s a quarter of a century of doing business according to a single unwavering vision: To be the plant hire partner of choice. It’s a simple vision, but it’s one that inspires a non-negotiable, customer-dedicated approach throughout our company.

The Mashova vision is upheld by two key commitments.

The first is a commitment to our staff. Through our internal brand programme Sebenzana, every staff member is trained and developed on a continual basis to enable an unrivalled customer service experience. In addition, our operators undergo a refresher course on a yearly basis, ensuring that they provide specialised, expert service whilst operating on your site.

Our second is a commitment to our equipment for it is our reputation in action. That is why we undertake frequent, rigid inspections of all equipment to ensure that they remain in pristine and productive condition. Our workshop and office complex provides facilities to carry out major repairs, machine rebuilding and spray painting of machines on a scheduled basis.

Our fleet is constantly updated with a computer forecasted replacement programme. We also grow our respective product lines annually according to market and individual customer requirements.

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Atlas Copco:
D190 cfm at 7 bar
D270 cfm at 7 bar
D400 cfm at 7 bar
D850 cfm at 7 bar
D1000 cfm at 7 bar
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